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As the founder and Managing Director of PerCurra I'm passionate about providing excellent care at home services.

In my regular blog I will share suggestions on how to access support services, what to look for and the ways it can be funded.

Gill Heppell


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23rd January 2018: How to search for providers
If your relative or friend does need home care services how do you find the right provider. If you don’t already have recommendations then this national directory of suppliers is a good place to start .

It’s useful to know that unless the support given is ‘personal care’ the care company does not need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. So if you are looking for companionship services and you have been recommended to a company that isn’t CQC registered, it isn’t a problem.

If you are worried about elderly loved ones then the Age Concern website is a great source of advice

19th January 2018: What types of 'care' are there?
Care Support Services range from a care professional (carer) popping round to chat and keep you company for an  hour or take you out shopping (companionship services) right through to round the clock support (eg Personal Care Services and Live-in Support).
It's amazing how much difference even a small amount of support can make to someone's quality of life. Perhaps this could be covered by an Attendance Allowance - a non means tested allowance that could pay for some essential care or support. Once t his has been awarded it may pave the way for further services. Here are some useful links:


12th January 2018: How to get support?

Often people only think about getting in professional carers when someone needs a high level of support. They also worry about the expense. This leads to vulnerable people, unhappily struggling to cope with daily life until they reach a crisis point either through ill health or an accident in the home.

If you, or a loved one needs some support you can get the ball rolling.

NHS Choices offer advice on their website. View it here: Assessing Your Care & Support Needs

Age Concern UK have a really helpful Factsheet - just click on this link Factsheet 41


5th January 2018: Worried about relatives?

When you visited relatives and friends over Christmas and New Year were you worried that they might not be coping life as well as they used to? Are you thinking they might need some extra help?

If you can’t shake off that feeling then it’s a good idea to have a conversation with them and be aware of any tell tale signs that they may need some extra support.

 You could ask them a few key questions to put your mind at ease such as are they able to get to the shops or do they have arrangements for getting food or meals delivered, are they warm enough, are they struggling with day to day tasks, are they missing out on a social life because they can’t get out and about safely?

There may be some things you can help with but it can be a worry if you can’t or if you don’t live nearby. Maybe an hour or so of professional support will make all the difference to their happiness and safety. It will also give you peace of mind.

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