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What our clients say about PerCurra




Daily Living Support

Sue has multiple sclerosis and despite being confined to a wheelchair she remains as busy and active as possible. PerCurra Southend care staff help Sue with her evening and bed time routine on the two nights a week that her boyfriend is at work. Read more


Ross  is described as a cheerful and pleasant young man by his father, Peter. When he was just three years old Ross suffered injuries which caused major damage to his brain. This left him with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair. He is doubly incontinent and needs assistance with feeding as well as all aspects of his personal care. Peter was unhappy with the care agency he was using and contacted PerCurra following recommendations from two sources.  Read more


Jim and Ruth Ferguson relied on support from their PerCurra care team in their later years. At first, so that the elderly couple felt safe and independent in their own home, they employed live-in care staff. Later, when their health deteriorated, they moved to an assisted living facility and used PerCurra's companionship services. Sadly Jim and Ruth passed away in 2016 but their son Bob has praised PerCurra for making their last years as happy and fulfilling as possible. Read more

Support Services  for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Andrea is a bubbly and fun-loving women in her forties. She has Down’s Syndrome and lives at home with her mother Brenda. When Direct Payments were first introduced Brenda embraced the change and saw it as an opportunity to have more control over Andrea’s care. Read more

Companionship Services

Sheila was suffering with dementia but desperately wanted to retain her independence and remain in her own home. She had the support of a loving family but as her condition progressed they felt Sheila needed more help than they alone could provide. Her daughter Sue explains how PerCurra’s Companionship Service bridged the gap perfectly. Read full case study

Personal Care Services

Thelma needed help to care for her husband who had Parkinson’s disease and other serious medical conditions. After repeatedly being let down by unreliable and inept care assistants she had all but given up trying to find a provider she could trust – until she was recommended to PerCurra. This is Thelma’s story. Read more

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