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Hospital to Home Support

Making coming home from hospital less daunting


Whether planning a stay in hospital or being admitted unexpectedly, coping with the return home can often be worrying for you and family members who support you.

support when you get home from hospital

Supporting your recovery

PerCurra's Hospital to Home Support can help ease this return home in a number of ways. From carrying out the daily practicalities of running a home to simply being there as a means of social or emotional support during those first few days or weeks.

Our support during this critical time can help minimise the risk of having to return to hospital, especially for those who are unaware of their own limitations during the early stages of recovery.

The support we provide depends on your individual needs. PerCurra can contact you either at home or while in hospital to arrange the support required.


How we can help

  Visiting on the ward             Receiving you at home Delivering GP's letter
  Paying bills Collecting prescriptions & prompting medication Shopping
  Light domestic chores Social and emotional support Fire lighting
  Pet care Food preparation Support for carers
For more information regarding our hospital discharge support services, please contact us or submit an enquiry using our online form.


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